Nature observation trail

The nature observation trail, which runs through the picturesque mosaic landscape and where you can meet butterflies, that you don´t see in the flower garden, is 2 km long (see the trail on terrain). The nature observation trail is equipped with  seatings and places to have a picnic (order your picnic basket here). We introduce you the Estonian butterflies, their course of life and habitats and we lead you to get to know the life of these beautiful insects. We will give you a brief overview of the butterflies of the world (different species, classification), after that we talk about the butterflies in Estonia:

  • how many species are represented in Estonia;
  • what are the stages of development of butterflies;
  • on what depends the amount of butterflies in the garden;
  • what it the life span of different butterflies;
  • butterfly migration etc.

Best time to observe the butterflies is from April to mid-September. The most intense period for butterflies is from May to the end of July. From June until August we organize study tours with guest lecturers and for enthusiasts we organize butterfly observations and lectures about the Estonian butterflies. The lenght of the study tour with lecture is about 2 hours. Pre-registration for the study tour is required.