Quantity Price Pcs
Healthy vegetables (fresh radish, carrots, tomato) ca 300g 2.00
Fruit (apple, pear, grapes, banana, orange etc.) ca 500g 1.50
Cheese cubes with herbs 200g 2.50
Pik-Nik peelable cheese sticks 126g 2.50
Grain buns 4 tk 1.00
Black bread chips with sunflower seeds 150g 1.80
Crispbread with poppy, sesame and linseeds 130g 1.50
Cumin sticks 200g 1.50
TUC crackers 100g 1.60
Mini muffins 180g 2.20
Zefir 200g 1.80
Cookies with white chocolate and cranberries 225g 2.80
Dip sauce 150g 1.50
Little puff pastry pirogi with different fillings 6 tk 2.00
Parmesan Cigar Snack (smoked sausage snack) 80g 1.70
Chicken Chips (chicken snack) 55g 1.80
Õllesigar (smoked sausage snack) 120g 1.70
Mineral water, sparkling 0,5L 1.00
Mineral water, still 0,5L 1.00
Lemonade 0,5L 1.00
Juice 1L 2.50
Picnic blanket rental 1tk 2.00

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